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Since 1968 our company's mission has been "customer satisfaction", basically we invest all of our energy into providing the most appropriate construction solutions, in terms of our buyer's time, styles and needs, also during the works.

Over the years we have acquired experience in diverse sectors of working, welding and construction in steel and metallic materials, producing structures intended for the most varied industry uses, from medium to large sizes.


We present to you, our production:

Heavy and medium duty steelworks for industry, Plants for metallurgic sector companies, Bases for robots, Sound-proofed cabins, Silos for agriculture and building.  

Timber treatment plants (vacuum dryers, vacuum-pressure impregnations plants, steaming plants),

Various plants by customer design with hydraulic and electrical circuits.

  Pressure and vacuum tanks, Boilers, Piping, Venturi Tubes, and other original equipment manufactured.