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The company was founded in 1968, following decades of experience obtained by its founders, matured in the working, welding and construction of steel and metallic materials.

The costant will to improve and the gradual acquisition of new experiences has led to various degrees of expansion of hangars and production; a production that respects the rules of quality, adherence to delivery times and affordability deriving from an excellent level of works planning, factors that have enabled us to even make it into space, since we have collaborated in the creation of the first private italian satellite!

We are capable of providing the finished product, carrying out all phases of the manufacturing: from designing to construction, with the necessary machining and thermal treatments, to provide the final varnished product.


In addition to the production of metal works we are dedicated to the construction of wood treatment plants: vacuum and air dryers, vacuum-pressure impregnators and spray impregnators, wood steamers and other special equipment. We invite you to visit the website dedicated to this sector:

The production buildings are spread over an area of ​​nearly 9000 square meters.

One of our guiding principles is Kaizen, or continuous improvement, in small steps, day after day.